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Mosaic with Me - Roman Mosaic Coasters

This 2 hr hands-on workshop is an interesting and enjoyable insight into the way mosaics were created and valued in   historic cultures.

The process is accessible to all levels of ability and understanding. Each pupil will be able to complete a Roman Mosaic coaster to take home.


                     "Our mosaic workshop with Lisa was fab! She came with great resources to be able

                 to chat with the pupils about the history of mosaics and then explained how to create

                 their own. My class really enjoyed making their mosaics and when they were returned

                 to school the children were really pleased and proud with their end product."


                Mrs Acaster - Heworth Primary School.


This workshop covers many EYFS, KS1, 2 & 3 curriculum areas including:

  • Art & Design and Design & Technology introducing different materials and techniques
  • Art and Social History.
  • Creative Practice
  • Expressive Arts
  • Independent Thinking and Idea Generation
  • Communication Skills and Language Development
  • Physical Coordination and Motor Skills.
  • Numeracy Skills including measurement, quantity, pattern layout, repetition, tessellation and keywords.
  • Personal, Social & Emotional development, reducing anxiety and improving wellbeing.
  • The class will receive an illustrated introduction to Roman mosaics looking at Roman pattern motifs as well as being able to handle traditional stone tesserae  and examples of Roman style mosaics.


What Can I Expect?


There will be an introduction to the history of Roman mosaics in the context of their daily lives. The children will be able to handle traditional Roman tessarae and examples of mosaics featuring Roman designs. There will be a variety of image resources to enable the children to discuss the imagery and pattern motifs depicted in ancient Roman mosaics.

Children will then be introduced to the materials and techniques needed for the workshop, with clear demonstrations and guidance throughout. Each child will get a trial of the cutting tool for the experience. Supervision and assistance will be given as necessary to cut safely. Older children can cut independently. Coasters can also be created without any need for cutting.

We will be using strong PVA glue so aprons will be necessary to protect clothing.


There are several design templates available, taken from traditional Roman pattern motifs to cater for varying levels of ability. Pupils are also welcome to adapt these or create their own design as appropriate. Each pupil will create a 10 x 10 cms coaster during the session. The finished artwork will be taken away at the end of the session for grouting and finishing at my studio. They will then be returned to school by local delivery or by courier.


Who is This Suitable For?


This workshop is suitable for children from 4/5 years old. The content can be adapted to suit varying abilities and delivered to mixed age groups also. KS3 children can create their own design and use more complex materials and techniques. Suitable for educational settings, Home Ed and community groups, private or public events. Maximum size group 30 children in 3 groups x 10.


How Much Will it Cost?


Teacher / Artist rate is £25 per hour. Materials charge is £2.50 per coaster/participant. This includes MDF coaster, PVA glue, approx. 100 glass/ceramic tiles, waterproof grout. Studio rate/Grouting charge is £15 per hour. (20 coasters approx. 1hr)  Local delivery (York) is included in the cost or courier will be charged for as appropriate.  Petrol costs will be charged outside the York postcode.


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Mosaic with Me  - Roman Coasters

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